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Crystal Ornament

            Crystal Ornament is cool, refreshing, beautiful and lavishly. It is favorable choice of many beautiful girls. Crystal ornament ear drops, necklace and bracelet are very popular. Crystal is a kind of quartz crystal which has high transparency and perfect crystal form. Its main bases are silica. Its types can be divided into amethyst, black crystal, yellow crystal, white crystal, smoky quartz, divergent crystal. Different crystals have different meaning. Different people can choose different crystals to wear. Green crystal will let people be happy and it is good at for people’s business and luck in making money. Yellow crystal can create wealth. Amethyst has the effect for developing wisdom, raise intuition, promoting interpersonal relationship. Amethyst also can treat insomnia and improve memory.
            Crystal ornament is really the good choice. In the transparent crystal, it reflects your pure life attitude and your unique choice.
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